Monday, February 1, 2016

In-Reach Program: Research at IIT


The In-Reach Research Program for Partner Institutes was conducted at the IC&SR Auditorium on October 8th, 2015. The program focused on the importance of research and the scope for placements for research students from various disciplines. Distinguished dignitaries from IITM spoke on the current research scenario and its many challenges and scopes which gave new ideas and confidence to research aspirants.

The champion of this event, Mr. Gautham welcomed the gathering. Dean of International Alumni Relations, IIT Madras, Dr. R. Nagarajan, spoke from the research academia perspective and re-iterated that research students were unique and sought after by the industry. He said that placement of such students happened on a continuous basis as there was always a demand for doctoral students from IIT in academics, industry and other captive research labs.

Industry and the Research Environment

The point that IITM has the best infrastructure, faculty guides and the right ambience for research was highlighted by Dr. K Srinivasan. He also gave clear details on how one can pursue research at IITM. Dr. Arun Vasan spoke on the topic of why a research environment needs to be nurtured for any industry, to survive, thrive and sustain its presence. He highlighted the point that the industry arena is now open to candidates with a research bent of mind. Mr. Viswanathan spoke on his view of placement of MS and Ph.D students in IIT. 

The research panel discussion by research students from NITs and non-IIT backgrounds, was refreshing. Mr. Krush Tripathi and team answered questions from the students and gave tips on how students can confidently face the interview with the panel. Mr. Krush emphasised that professors at IIT were more than willing to help students work their way up for their respective research activities. After a formal vote of thanks by Ms. Alamelu, Dr. Srinivasan went that extra mile to talk to the faculty and students of DCE on the eligibility criteria and opportunities in research.

Friday, November 20, 2015

PALS 5 - PowerGear Limited, Industrial Visit

PALS 5 members at PowerGear Limited, Tambram MEPZ facility

PALS team members and faculty members from six PALS5 partner institutes had the opportunity to visit the MEPZ Tambram facility of PowerGear Limited.

Dr. K Subramaniam, an alumnus of IIT batch 1995, and CEO of Power Gear Limited, gave a walk-through of the process in place for the various systems such as Busducts pay control panels, instrument transformers, generator terminal enclosure, high current isolators and more that are manufactured and exported to over 55 countries.

An Overview of the Energy Industry

Dr. Subramaniam gave a bird’s eye view of the research / development phase activities and shared information on manufacturing E-houses, generator accessories, and the application process in place. He also explained the type of certifications and tests the products had to undergo to meet with the expected international standards.

The enthusiastic team from Power Gear led by General Manager Mr. Venkataraman gave the visitors a tour of their facility which enriched their knowledge of the energy industry. Answers to questions such as: How lightning is simulated under factory conditions? How an electrical problem is more a thermal and mechanical problem? How processes need to be certified? etc, were provided with the scientific explanations behind them.

The visitors found it to be a great learning experience visiting a facility that was producing quality products under the leadership of an alumnus from IIT.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Theory to Practice (T2P) Lecture

Theory to Practice Lecture, VIT, Chennai Campus 
The First Theory to Practice lecture, an initiative of PALS 5, was conducted at VIT, Chennai campus on September 30th, 2015. Mr. Thiru Srinivasan, Champion for T2P lectures, explained in brief the purpose of PALS, the format of T2P and how it aims to address technical aspects as requested by the partner institutes.

The audience included a major group of students from the host campus and students and faculty from other partner institutes such as Agni, DCE, and Hindustan University. Dr. Jagannathan, Dean Research, welcomed the gathering.

Ms. Angeline Elavarasi, invited Professor Dr. Ligy Philip from the Civil Engineering department, IIT Madras and the contingent from PALS including Mr.Thiru Srinivasan; Mr. Gautham, Mr. Krishnamurti Rao, and Ms. Anuradha to the dias.

VIT University, Chennai Campus
Remediation of Hexavalent Chromium Contamination
The case discussed in the lecture was on Remediation of Accidental Spill from Industry Hexavalent Chromium Contamination of Soil and Aquifer.

Mr. Srinivasan presented the case on behalf of Mr. Ali Akbar, proprietor of Radiant Technologies. Hexavalent Chromium being highly soluble in water and a hazardous carcinogenic chemical was contaminating the ground water making it heavily toxic and unfit for use. The pollution control board asked Radiant Technologies to resume services only after proving that they had taken enough measures to stop the contamination in ground water resources.

Mr. Ali Akbar sought counsel from IITM IC&SR and it was here that Dr. Ligy Philip and her research team found a solution for the problem by using chromium reducing bacteria that existed in the site. The team isolated and modelled chromium reducing bacteria in labs by calculating the spread on a periodic basis. They conducted the pilot lab test at a real site near Ranipet and got better results on ground as they were assisted not only by chromium reducing bacteria but also iron and sulphur reducing bacteria that existed on the ground.
Mr. Thiru Srinivasan, Champion for T2P lectures and Dr. Ligy Philip, Prof. Civil Engineering Dept 

Innovative Solutions with No Side Effects
Dr. Ligy Philip emphasised on the point that the tests taken showed that Chromium (VI) had come to a negligible level for being detected and there were no side effects. Apart from Mr. Ali Akbar’s Radiant, the solution has been applied to two other cases in Delhi and Gurgaon.

The lecture inspired engineering students and faculty to perceive engineering as an application of interdisciplinary facets. Students came up with many interesting questions such as "How will rain affect the permeable zones?", "Why Bacteria and not some other form of microbes?" etc which were addressed by Dr. Ligy Philip.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Kalyani Desikan, Dean Academics, VIT Chennai Campus. He also gave away mementos to the speakers and the PALS team members.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Metal + Canvas – Art Show

For the first time in Chennai art works of the late Bengal master, Ganesh Pyne were on display at the Metal + Canvas art show organised at the  IIT Alumni Center. The show also exhibited eminent sculptor, S. Nandagopal’s frontal narratives in copper.

Eminent sculptor S. Nandagopal speaking at the inauguration of the show 
Ganesh Pyne’s “Head and the Black Moon”, “Flower”, and other delicately layered Chiaroscuro paintings in tempera, paintings from his Mahabarata series and few impromptu sketches connect like a dream with Nandagopal’s signature mythology-inspired metal sculptors of Garuda, Vishnu, and Kama from his enamel series.

Curator of the exhibition and IIT alumnus Pradipta K Mohapatra was quoted saying: "The beauty of these two artists is that both have followed the diktats of their respective schools till a point, but then both broke free and set up idioms of their own."

Jazz Workshop by Madhav Chari

The Jazz workshop conducted by International Jazz Pianist, Madhav Chari on August 28th was a huge success. Madhav Chari, through these workshops, aims to take jazz music to a wider audience.

Audience actively participated in the workshop
One of the strongest Jazz musician to emerge in India in the last 80 years, he has performed with master Jazz drummers Max Roach, a founding father of the bebop movement in Jazz along with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, and Ed Thigpen, a crucial member of the Oscar trio.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

PALS (PanIIT Alumni Leadership Series) - Season 5

PALS is an educational initiative undertaken by the IIT Alumni Industry Interaction Center (IITAIIC), Chennai, to benefit the students of Engineering colleges in and around Chennai.
A new season of the PALS Program, PALS 5, was inaugurated by Dr. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director IITM on Saturday, 8th August 2015, at the IC & SR Auditorium at IIT Madras.
PALS- Season 5

Distinguished dignitaries from education and industry including Dr. S.Vaidyasubramaniam, Dean-Planning & Development, Indian Overseas Chair Professor of Management, SASTRA University and Mr. K Shanker, Director- Onshore/Overseas Business, Technip India Ltd participated in the programme. They shared their thoughts on the theme “Engineering Environment”.

Mr. Kalpathi Suresh, the president of the IIT Alumni Industry Interaction Center, welcomed the gathering and Ms. Alamelu, the chairperson presented the activities lined up for PALS 5 and the road ahead. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Suresh said, “the spirit of PALS, the initiative of the Center, is to spread the leadership qualities of IITs amongst various other institutes.”

PALS - A catalyst between Academia and Industry

Mr.Vaidyasubramaniam, focusing on the 3Es (Enrolment, Experience and Engagement) said, “The enrolment, experience and engagement models need a rebrand, restructure and review. The gross non-alignment of legacy thoughts with modern aspirations seems to undo the potential good that is possible if existing systems are disrupted positively. In this age of disruptive innovations, it is imperative that certain radical & non-traditional models are experimented to test its propensity before massive replication.”
PALS- Season 5
Mr. K. Shanker said, "With technology changing at a rapid pace, educational institutions, industry and government need to accept change and work together to build a future wherein our human resources are developed to be innovative and posses an entrepreneurial attitude to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The PALS program acts as a catalyst between academia and industry in this regard".

New initiatives of Season 5 

  • T2P lectures: IIT professors will deliver lectures on real life industrial consultancy undertaken by them, by which students can understand the link between the theory studied in classes and its real-world applications.
  • TCS: TCS through its “Purpose of Life” initiative will coordinate with PALS to uplift research acumen in select tier 2 and tier 3 colleges which are members of PALS5. 
  • CTS : PALS will be able to  recommend a few faculty members of PALS5 Partner Institutes,  to the faculty development program of CTS.

Spreading its reach - Colleges subscribe for PALS 5 services

Some of the colleges that have benefited from the past editions of PALS and have subscribed for PALS 5 services are: Agni College of Technology, VIT Chennai Campus, Hindustan University and KCG College of Engineering, with IIT Madras taking the lead as the parent institute. One of the new entrants into the series is Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering. There are several forward thinking colleges in and around Chennai in the pipeline.

In this season, PALS will also be spreading its reach to engineering colleges in other districts of Tamil Nadu. An Advisory Committee consisting of faculty from IIT Madras, industry leaders and IIT Alumni Industry Interaction Centre management will guide the initiative to reach greater heights in ensuring quality Engineering Education.

Friday, April 10, 2015

InnoWah - PALS4 Innovation Challenge

The ‘Innovation Challenge’ – an initiative of Pan IIT Alumni Leadership Series was organized in the last week of March at IIT Madras Research Park. The theme was the challenge was as Alternative energy and Clean Tech as part of the Swachh Bharath initiative.

Eco-friendly innovations

Students from various engineering colleges displayed as many as 13 projects based on five focus areas namely:
  1. Energy, 
  2. Solar power, 
  3. Public hygiene, 
  4. Waste recycling 
  5. and Water purification. 

The top 13

Aimed at recognizing promising talent for future entrepreneurship and startups, 13 projects were short-listed from over a 100 submissions. An exhibition of the projects was also held at IIT Madras Research Park.

Among the many interesting entries was Pratyusha Institute of Technology's project featuring a two-level water purifier using banana peel. The first layer of purification was through activated carbon, while the second was through banana peel pellets stuffed in a ceramic candle. Karthik Raj, the student who presented the project said, “bacteria would reduce by around 60%. The cost price is just around Rs. 800, and while in a Reverse Osmosis purifier there is 50% water loss, no water is wasted here.”

The Agro Rover’ built by students from Hindustan University was aimed at easing the process of tapioca farming, by using robotic arms to pluck the root. “The rover can be operated through WiFi or through a wired switch, and can also run on solar energy,” said Muthukumaran, the faculty advisor for the team.

Hindustan University Team-1 explaining their Solar powered Agro rover prototype
The finalists were mentored for three days by industry veterans from forums like TiE Chennai. They were given orientations on concepts such as marketing, finance, business plans and more.

The winners 

First prize: Solar powered LPG gas leakage detection and control system

KCG college explaining their project
The prize-winning entry by Sunil Kumar, Saravanan R and S Prathap, final year students of electrical and electronic engineering at KCG College of Technology, was an innovative Solar powered LPG gas leakage detection and control system which can ring an alarm to alert gas leakage, send a message to users, prevent leakage due to a valve fixed between the stove and cylinder, and send a message to the fire department in case of excessive leakage. The device also has a mechanism to detect low levels of gas remaining in the cylinder following which a message will be sent to the gas agency.

Second prize: Waste plastic pyrolysis reactor

Hindustan University explaining their project 
Hindustan University bagged the second prize for their presentation on ‘Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Reactor' which focussed on water recycling. 

Third prize: Fuelling the future 
Pratyusha Institute explaining their project
An all-girls team from Pratyusha Institute of Technology won the third prize for their presentation of hydrogen as an alternate fuel solution to power auto mobiles. Pradeepa, a member of the team explained that electrolysis was used to separate hydrogen from water. “With a litre of water, we can have a mileage of around 65 km, it is 20% more efficient than petrol,” Their investment for each system was estimated at Rs. 1500, and they plan to market it at Rs. 3000 to meet costs.

Winners with the PALS-4 team

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Impressions, The Art Club of The IIT Alumni Center

The genesis of Impressions

The first two lines of Hippocrates’s Aphorisms, read "ars longa, vita brevis" which explicitly mean "art is long, life is short". True. Leonardo Da Vinci continues to live through his creations. Much the same way, Michelangelo, D.W. Griffith and Beethoven live through their creations. The aesthetic appreciation of art is a rich experience in itself. The IIT Alumni Center – through its Art Club - Impressions, organizes various exhibitions and sales that showcase the paintings and sculptures of renowned Indian artists.

A starry-eyed launch

Impressions was launched on 2nd October, 2013 with an art show by Padmashri Dr. Thota Tharani. The celebrated artist exhibited a select mini-retrospective titled ’Inspired By Life’. The show was attended by art lovers and enthusiasts, who were enthralled by his works.
Padmashri Dr. Thota Tharani interacting with art enthusiasts

Revisiting the history of modern Indian art

The Arts and Culture series presented two sessions on 20th Century Indian Art conducted by local art collector, Pradipto Mahopatra. In his first session, he introduced the Bengal Movement, an influential art movement and a style of Indian painting that originated in Bengal and flourished throughout India during the early 20th century.

In his next session, Mr. Mahopatra shared interesting details about the Bombay progressive, the most influential group of modern artists in India, formed by Francis Newton Souza and S.H. Raza, and of which M. F. Husain and Manishi Dey were early members.

Pradipto Mahopatra conducted two sessions on 20th Century Indian Art

Promoting women artists

An Art and Craft Mela held in November 2013 exhibited the creations of three talented women artists: Lalitha Ramanarasiah, Ramaa Narayanan and Abirami Jawahar. Their contributions range from abstract painting to paper crafts.
Abirami Jawahar at her handicrafts stall

Women's day art show

Women's Day 2014 was celebrated with an Art and Sculpture Exhibition that focused on yoga and meditation and featured the works of noted women artists such as Thara Ganesan, Kamla Ravikumar and Isaiarasi.

Thara Ganesan is an artist, sculptor and curator, who also wears many other hats as a bilingual poetess, translator, short story writer and literary critic. Her style is unique and she merges emotions with the force of the five elements - Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether. Kamla Ravikumar qualified in Art and Interior Design from Mumbai, and is presently an artist and art instructor.
Isaiarasi is a young upcoming artist from Chennai. Isai exhibits for this exhibition have been paintings from her series titled AKASH. From forms to formlessness, creating, dissolving, recreating is the expression of an artist.

The sculptures depict various postures ( Asanas) of the "SuryanamskarĆ¢" in Yoga. There is one continuous sequence of the "ChakrvakasanaĆ¢" depicted in her sculptures through human figures. Mudras in Yoga which can benefit the body are also depicted through life size hand sculptures. There is a two feet height Buddha sculpted in Bronze. 

Art and Sculpture exhibition by noted women artists 

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Literature, Arts & Sports - Events at the IIT Alumni Center

With a view to enhance interaction and build stronger bonds among its members, the IIT Alumni Center holds various activities throughout the year. The wide range of events provide excitement to book lovers, music enthusiasts, sports fanatics, intellectuals, and every other person who has varying interests.

Impressions: Art club 

At the IIT Alumni Center, we endeavour to shine a light on the country’s contemporary and folk art forms and give artists, a platform to begin their ascent and create a legacy through their works.
Impressions connect artists with art lovers through a series of art shows and workshops conducted by noted artists from various fields.

Bibliothek: Book reading club

An all-encompassing Book Reading Club called Bibliothek is a regular feature at the IIT Alumni Center. Members explore a diverse range of literature from different cultures. Most of the gatherings have the authors of the books present for a reading session and then a friendly exchange of ideas on the same.


One for the music loving soul

Music lovers have also been treated to a range of events from interactive workshops to music appreciation. The Raga Tala Workshop, conducted by Flute Maestro and IIT alumnus, Krishnamurthi Bhaskaran, explored the mathematical foundations of music and how traditional music helps the mind relax. Renowned musician, Madhav Chari has also conducted an interactive workshop on jazz music at the Club in the City.
Flute Maestro Krishnamurthi Bhaskaran

Women only Workshop

The Women Only Workshop (WOW) is a two-hour coaching session held every month at the Club in the City, Abhiramapuram, Chennai. The invitation-only workshop provides women with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about financial planning and implementation, and is conducted by Ms. RenuMaheshwari, an SEBI registered Investment Advisor. Distinguished professionals from various other fields also oversee different sessions.

Renu Maheshwari, SEBI registered investment adviser addressing the gathering

Tai chi, jazz, green home gardens, and more
In 2014, Tai Chi Master Ranga Rao conducted an awareness session on the ancient Chinese practices of Tai Chi and Qigong covering practices for posture, relaxation, breathing, gathering and circulating chi/ vital energy, standing & sitting Qigong meditation, and many more. The session was heavily practice-oriented for the audience to take away and apply in their daily life. Apart from these events, various concerts are also hosted at the IIT Alumni Center. Activities that can enhance one’s mind and body, such as yoga and home gardening, are also conducted now and then.
French Music Band - Nyna Vales performing at Club in the City - IITAC

Open pairs bridge 
A popular activity among club members and non-members alike is the Open Pairs Bridge. Members can bring non-members as their playing partners, and take part in this event. The prize money offered is the highest among any monthly event in India!

Open Pairs Bridge - A popular activity among club members at IITAC

Annual quiz competition 
December brings with it evenings of sharp minds, quick wits, and a great deal of surprises.
Every year, the Center hosts a quiz event during this month, encouraging the members to put their vast expanse of knowledge to the test. Members of the IIT Alumni Center participate in this annual quiz competition. The competitions are conducted by member, N. Ram and cover a variety of topics ranging from movie quotes to lateral thinking.
Team members await their turn during the December Quiz
The enthusiastic participation of members serves to enhance the quality of communication between the alumni, and thereby, facilitates the growth of the Center.

Memberships open!

For club bookings, call us at (044) - 4553-4441 / 4553-4409.
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 – A Look Back

- Words, paragraphs and pages read
- Money saving tips and tricks shared
- Contracts and bids made
- Colours and images observed

2014 has been a landmark year for us at the IIT Alumni Center. Two of our popular events – the Open Pairs bridge tournament and the Women only Workshop – were launched. PALS returned for another enlightening year of industry education enhancement. Bibliothek, our official book club, turned two.
Let’s take a look back at the exciting year that’s gone by.

The Year of the Bookworm

It was a very busy year for members of Bibliothek, the official book club of the IIT Alumni Center. From reading an intellectual murder mystery set in the 14th century to experiencing Santiago’s quest in catching the giant marlin, members read a range of books from timeless literature to contemporary fiction. 

Some of the books read include: The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco, Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, Poems of Love and War by A K Ramanujam and 14 Stories That Inspired Satyajit Ray by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay. Bibliothek invited Timeri Murari, to read from his new book, The Taliban Cricket Club.

Earlier this year, Bibliothek held Super Saturday to celebrate its second anniversary. The day which began with a book fair, also had a fun quiz for the grown-ups.

Poems of Love and War by A K Ramanujam

A Taste of Fine Arts
Impressions, the art club of the IIT Alumni Center celebrated Women's Day with an art and sculpture exhibition. Held at the Club in the City, the exhibition featured the works of Thara Ganesan, Kamla Ravikumar and Isaiarasi. The central theme for the exhibition was yoga and meditation. Earlier this year, Impressions hosted an interactive workshop on jazz music which was conducted by renowned jazz musician, Madhav Chari. 

De-stress 101
The IIT Alumni Center invited Murli Menon, author and ZeNLP coach to share several simple and effective stress management techniques. The Center also hosted a revitalizing session on Tai Chi and Qigong, conducted by Tai Chi master, Ranga Rao. 

Author and ZeNLP coach, Murli Menon gave a seminar on stress management

Call. Bid. Respond. Declare
A regular feature, the Open Pairs bridge tournament is a widely participated event which has been recognized by the Chennai Bridge Association and included in the City Bridge Calendar. The tournament takes place in the trendy indoors and the serene outdoors. Winners and runners-up are awarded with cash prizes.

Celebrating the Spirit of Childhood
One of 2014’s most anticipated club events was Children’s Day, which was celebrated with great delight and joy at the Club in the City. The day saw a range of fun activities and games from chess to slow cycling, drawing competitions and origami workshops.

Children's Day was celebrated with a range of fun activities including a drawing competition

Personal Finance Workshops
On April 9th, 2014, the IIT Alumni Center played host to the first of many Women only Workshops. Themed on personal finance, WoW continues to see enthusiastic participation and is conducted by member Renu Maheshwari, who is a SEBI-registered financial advisor. The two-hour coaching session explores the world of finance and on money behavioural analysis.

Enhancing Engineering Education
The Pan-IIT Alumni Series, popularly known as PALS turned 4 in 2014. From industry visits to department visits, from campus lectures to education seminars, PALS-4 showcased important changes in today’s engineering education and industry.

PALS-4 conducted a seminar discussing various education enhancement programs

...And the Future
2015, much like its predecessor, will be an active year for the members of the IIT Alumni Center. There are more lessons on saving wisely, more engrossing books to read, more mind-boggling bridge to be played, and more quality time to spend with your buddies.

The Center’s second venue, the Hub in the Sky will also open in 2015. Located at the prestigious IIT Madras Research Park, the Hub will offer more elite facilities such as a billiards room, squash court, stylish work spaces and conference rooms, etc. 

Contemporary Turkish playwright and novelist, Mehmet Murat ildan once quipped "New Year's most glorious light is sweet hope.” We at the IIT Alumni Center are looking to leave the light on throughout 2015.

And on that note, we wish you all a happy and optimistic New Year!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Women only Workshop

A brief history of women in the 20th century

Virginia Woolf has often been misquoted for writing “for most of history, anonymous is a woman.” which gave birth to a lot of “what if?” sentiments. 

“What if women could rule countries?”
“What if women could climb mountains and cross oceans?”

These thoughts not only saw the growth of feminist writers, but also broke the stereotype that women were big spenders. At the turn of the century, women across the world had become more self-assured about the concept of money, especially in India, where women generally manage their family’s finances.

Women only Workshop - Focusing on the world of personal finances

Keeping up with its commitment towards women empowerment, the IIT Alumni Center launched the Women only Workshop which offers women a great opportunity to understand the world of personal finances. 

A two-hour coaching session, Women only Workshop (WoW) deals with financial planning and implementation. The first session was held on April 9, 2014 and was conducted by Ms. Renu Maheshwari.  The session explored the world of finance and it was found to be very useful by both the members and the corporate guests. It dealt with Planning and implementation of finance, risk profiling and money behaviour analysis. The workshop also provided guidance on how to achieve a life of indulgence and liberty. Held every month at the Club in the City, Abhiramapuram, Chennai, the workshop has completed six sessions.

Women only Workshops explore the world of finance

Guests and speakers

Ms. Renu Maheshwari who conducts the workshop is a SEBI registered Investment Adviser and practices financial planning and portfolio management. With over two decades of experience, Ms. Maheshwari excels in coaching, consulting and advising clients on personal financing. In 2012, she co-founded Finscholarz to provide holistic consulting services.

Renu Maheshwari presiding over a session of the Women only Workshop
Most sessions are presided over by personalities from distinguished backgrounds. Notable chief guests include angel investor and management advisor, Ms. Padma Chandrasekaran, and executive coach, Ms. Rajani Seshadri, who helps leaders in Tata Consultancy Services, hone their strengths and overcome limits, to achieve personal and professional success.
A workshop for members and guests

Women only Workshop has seen large and enthusiastic participation. Invitations are sent to key corporate companies across Chennai to nominate accomplished women from their companies to take part.

Participants at the event

Becoming a member of the IIT Alumni Center is simple:

Complete and submit the application form
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